Paywalls & Donations


Third party services such as Hype (formerly Pico), Pelcro and Pigeon, which offer a variety of features such a donations, paywalls, and more can be added to your Metro Publisher website  in addition to our Subscription Genius Paywall integration.

Since it is currently the most popular service, we provide instructions on how to add Hype to your Metro Publisher website here: Hype Paywall Installation.

Hype is popular because it is "free" while Hype's advantages are that it has been around longer and can be adjusted more easily to a publisher's need. Please note that "free" means that Hype takes a percentage of the revenue you collect.

For Pigeon's pricing you would need to send them a message via their contact form at the bottom of the page.

Subscription Genius is more affordable that Pelcro, but the pricing for all three paywalls will depend on your specific needs. We suggest reaching out to them directly, since they all offer support to help you decide what would work for you.

Please note that some testing may be needed depending on how you want your content displayed, e.g. partial article visibility, so we suggest you look at the options and reach out to us via our Support Ticket System should you require assistance.

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