Switching to the Beta Design Builder





For those of you who are participating in the beta group of our new Design Builder, here is how you can switch to the hidden page where the builder current sits.

  1. From the start page of your Metro Publisher work site, make sure that your are logged in as an ADMIN by checking here in the upper right corner.

  2. Then, click on this link that says “Design Your Website.”

  3. That will bring you to the OLD Design Gallery.

  4. You can see in the dress panel above, that the URL ends with /gallery.html

  5. Now, just change that to say /builder.html and press enter.

  6. Once the page loads you’ll see the NEW Design Builder. The first time you go to this page, you’ll have the option to tour the various features.

NOTE: Bookmark this page so you can easily return to it without having to manually type in the URL. 





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