Edit Mode – Basic or Expert


Metro Publisher has two different edit modes – Basic or Expert.

  • Basic – This mode displays all the required fields throughout your works site. With this view, you will see only the necessary fields for each task. This streamlined view is great for beginners to learn while, at the same time, avoid being overwhelmed with a multitude of advanced fields.
  • Expert – This mode displays all available fields. This unhindered view works great for editors want to make daily use of all advanced options.  

Choosing Basic or Expert Mode

When first logging in to Metro Publisher from a browser that you have not previously logged in with, you will be presented with a modal like the one below:


Chose the option you want.

You can change the mode at any time by choosing from the dropdown at the upper right of any page on your worksite:



NOTE: Your edit mode is stored by the browser. If you log in to your work site with a different machine or a different browser you will be prompted to choose the mode.




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