Theme Overview – Sunny (deprecated)




Main Theme elements

Header, footer, and page width

  • Max width = 1100px
  • Ad banners – Wallpaper ads 160x600 down to 1430 px which works for a 13” macbook

Color palette
3 default options

  • Main Branding color – used on main call to action elements such as the nav, sections tags, tags in general, buttons and some form elements.
  • Secondary Branding color – Sprocket headers, etc.
  • Accent color – header links and text nav in footer and some search filter options
    1st one is a turquoise color with secondary and tertiary color in grey – nice and simple and an example that sometimes “less is more.”


Sprocket styles


  • Title and description “overlay” the image
  • Gradient fade overlay on image to make text more legible
  • Images @ 16x9 ratio


  • Pinterest style grid
  • Vertically aligned
  • No image cropping

Layout List

  • Images @ 6x4 ratio
  • Images aligned left @ full-width
  • Images aligned right 50% and below


  • Images “almost” square
  • Text is justified


  • Always wants to create a grid
  • Images @ 6x4 ratio








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