Features & Fixes - June 2018


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The development team has been busy recently with a steady stream of new features and upgrades. Here are some of the highlights.


More bandwidth for all!

We've added more monthly bandwidth for all price tiers. In addition, we've lowered the per gigabyte fee for data transfer over the monthly allowances. This should have the effect of reducing additional costs when your site experiences rapid spikes in traffic. 

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Improved image compression

Along with more bandwidth, we've modified how Metro Publisher compresses images and added new controls to allow clients to optimize compresssion.

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Improvements to Google's AMP

Metro Publisher's beta integration with Google's AMP has been updated with new features such as:

  • Header and Footer Navigation 
  • Embedded ad unit within content
  • Related Links
  • Pro clients: CSS file for customizing the visual styling

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Metro Publisher Custom Services

All Metro Publisher plans include basic support at no extra charge. That support is limited to features and issues directly related to Metro Publisher. However, if you prefer the personal touch, have custom requests or issues not directly related to Metro Publisher features, we now offer extended personalized service packages.

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Refinements & bugfixes

  • Improved support of Twitter Cards
  • Reduction of errors in Google's Search Console
  • Improvements to event search indexing
  • Option to show "All" added to native search results pages
  • General under-the-hood improvements
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