Features & Fixes - April 2018


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The development team has been busy this winter releasing a steady stream of new features and upgrades to existing ones. 

Facebook Comments

It is now possible to replace our native comment system with Facebook Comments. Provide your FB app ID to activate it in Metro Publisher. If you haven't yet created a Facebook app ID, follow the instructions provided by Facebook to get started. Find out more...

Images with User Submitted Events

Users now have the option to upload images when submitting events, which you can activate under Admin > Settings > Content. For security reasons, the images submitted with events will remain in draft mode (not visible) until the corresponding is published.

Custom Time and Date Format

There is a new tool to define the time and date format globally for your site. This is useful if you want to use the AP style time and date format or customize it yourself. Find out more...

Add or Remove Multiple Tags from Content

All content, events, and location can now have multiple tags added or removed from multiple items. This can be done from the content overview table for each type.

Carousel Speed Option

You can now slow down or speed up timing of the carousel sprocket. This can be found under Admin > Settings > General.

Copy Sprockets

When adding sprockets, there is now the option to "copy" and existing sprocket. This will help speed up the creation and management of section layouts. When copying, the name of the sprocket gets appended with the date, so remember to re-name it before saving to avoid confusion.

Refinements & Bugfixes

  • Force twitter to grab the first image within content when sharing
  • Location info on map markers updated
  • Descriptive placeholder text added to filterbar for location and event searches (filterbar may be added via Admin > Settings > Beta Features)
  • Content and event micro data updated
  • File limit for images raised from 750KB to 5MB
  • Vimeo videos added to Directory listing
  • New option to hide section title
  • Content redirects when no trailing slash is present
  • Events with expiration dates un-publish automatically
  • Date selector added above event search results on small screen sizes
  • Google Tag Manager tags added to page templates
  • Save and copy for Pages
  • Image credits add to all thumbnail images
  • Database updates and improvements
  • General under-the-hood improvements
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