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Sometimes you may need to import events to your existing Metro Publisher directories. There's a tool for importing events via the Google Calendar format (Converting CSV files to ICS Format). You can use  a .csv file and convert it to Google Calendar format and then import it. However, we also provide custom events imports.

The advantage of the custom import is that it allows to create tags out of specific event fields. It also allows to include more fields than the ones supported in the Google Calendar import tool (ex. content, description).

The events from third parties can be exported in different formats (e.g. .csv, .xml). Given the wide variability of fields (which may vary for each client), for custom event imports we require a sample of your data (.csv file, if possible) in order to evaluate and provide an estimate. If you would like to inquire about these services, please submit a new support request.

Here you can download a sample file that includes the most common fields. The 'tags' column contains tags separated by '|' but we can also create tags out of specified columns (e.g. 'city').


Download Sample CSV



Time: 3-4 working days (depending on work load and the communication flow to define the import details)
Cost: 4-5 billable hours per export.

Please see our Custom Support Services document for our pricing tiers.

Event recurrence rules: The time required for the events import may increase in case of particularly complex cases. For example, there are custom recurrence rules that need to be adapted to the MetroPublisher calendar.


Locations: Events objects are deeply related to locations. For this reason, the event import will have to handle the locations too.This is the currently implemented strategy:

- If the location information are not included in the csv file, the event will not have a location.

- If the event contains information on the location, and if that information is enough to create a marker, we will create new locations and connect them to the events.

- If there are duplicates in the file, we will create only one location and use it for all events happening in the location.

- Should the locations be already stored in the MP database, we need to match them or the import will create new ones and you will need to fix the duplicates manually. Should this be a problem (ex. if you plan to use many MP locations), please add the location urlname to the csv. That will act as an unique key and allow us to match the locations. Please contact the support team if you need help.

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