Google consent management requirements for serving ads in the EEA, UK, and Switzerland

NOTE: To make sure you fully understand the European regulations for compliance with the GDPR and how it affects publishers, we strongly urge you to review Google's documentation on the topic:

European regulations overview and guidance: Tools to help publishers comply with the GDPR

As announced in their blog in May 2023, Google is requiring publishers using their ad serving services to use a consent management platform that has been selected and approved by Google.

Here is the announcement: New CMP Requirement

Their list of approved CMPs can be found here: Google Certified CMPs

That same document outlines the new requirements in detail: Google CMP Requirements for Ad Serving in the EEA and UK.

NOTE: Our help document for Cookie Consent & GDPR Compliance provides a list of third-party services our clients have successfully used: EU Cookie Consent & GDPR Compliance. Please double-check that those services are on the list of Google Certified CMPs should you choose to continue using Google's services.

We outline how to add third-party code that is meant to apply globally to your Metro Publisher site here: Embedding 3rd Party JavaScript or HTML. Please note that we have a specific field for GDPR / Cookie Compliance code as outlined in that document.


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