Metro Publisher v4.0 Release Notes


Starting April 21, 2016, the development team will begin gradually updating all clients to Metro Publisher Release v4.0. Highlights include a new more flexible section editor, new Sprockets, and more.

New Features & Updates

New Section Editor

Changes include:

  • Sprocket-based Editing – Allows wide variety of layouts and options to feature content by a variety of criteria.
  • Combined Editor – For greater consistency, homepage and section pages have the same editor with the same features.
  • Sandbox Editor – Multiple draft versions of all entry pages so you can work on and preview your changes before making them live.
  • Scheduling – Set a future date/time for changes to your entry pages to go live.
  • Sprocket Inheritance – Distribute sprockets throughout your website more easily by allowing sections and subsections to "inherit" sprockets from their parent. 
  • Drag and Drop Re-ordering – Easily move around sprockets by drag and drop.

More Info

New Sprockets

New Sprockets:

  • Ad Sprocket
  • Carousel Sprocket
  • Classic List Sprocket
  • Gallery Sprocket
  • HTML Sprocket 
  • Posterboard Sprocket
  • Slider Sprocket

Google new Accelerated Mobile Pages Beta – There is now an option to generate AMP specific HTML for your content. 

Expiration date for content and events – Per client requests, content and events now have an option for an expiration date.

Location and Event Page Improvements – Layout improvements (per client request) to event and location pages

Tags Export – Tags export as an XLS file listing Tag Categories and use on Location or Event Searches is now possible.

Event Submission Link – The link for users to submit Events to your site, which appears on the Event Calender Sprocket, may now be hidden.

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  • Avatar
    SMG Webmaster

    Will you be offering any instructional or expanded knowledge videos on Google AMP? Seems a little overwhelming but you folks always do a good job of bringing it down to a understandable level.

  • Avatar
    Jason Fisher

    We are also interested in seeing more support material around implementing AMP.

  • Avatar
    Metro Publisher Support Squad

    Thank you for submitting your questions. We'll be updating the support site with documentation shortly.

  • Avatar
    Metro Publisher Support Squad

    Here you can see a doc that explains how to implement AMP:

    Currently our integration is very basic. We love to get feedback from users.

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