Section Editor Overview


Here is the basic overview of the new section editor in Metro Publisher


Sprocket-based Layouts

One of the primary features of the new system for editing entry pages (homepage and sections) is that the layout is entirely sprocket-based. This new system reduces the rigidity of the previous section editor by allowing you to create complex layouts using only sprockets. 

Changes include:

  • Sprocket-based Editing – Allows wide variety of layouts and options to feature content by a variety of criteria.
  • Combined Editor – For greater consistency, homepage and section pages have the same editor with the same features.
  • Sandbox Editor – Multiple draft versions of all entry pages so you can work on and preview your changes before making them live.
  • Scheduling – Set a future date/time for changes to your entry pages to go live.
  • Sprocket Inheritance – Distribute sprockets throughout your website more easily by allowing sections and subsections to "inherit" sprockets from their parent. 
  • Drag and Drop Re-ordering – Easily move around sprockets by drag and drop.

New Sprockets

As part of these changes to entry pages, we are releasing new sprockets designed to make editing entry pages easier. We will gradually be upgrading existing sprockets to be used with the new editor. In the mean time, below is a list of new responsive sprockets to be used with the new section editor

  • Ad Sprocket
  • Carousel Sprocket
  • Classic List Sprocket
  • Gallery Sprocket
  • HTML Sprocket 
  • Posterboard Sprocket
  • Slider Sprocket


Migration for Existing Users

If all these changes are making you nervous, don't worry. Upgrading to the new section editor is optional. It can be done at your leisure and on a per section basis. This will allow you as much time as you need to understand the changes and create your own schedule for updating your website.


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