Metro Publisher v3.0 Release Notes


Metro Publisher v3.0 Release

We are very pleased to announce the imminent Metro Publisher Release v3.0, which offers a complete rebuild of our Directory and Location Types, for improved functionality, stability, and flexibility, along with many additional feature enhancements. 

NOTE: The support docs are currently being modified to reflect all the changes in v3.0. They will be updated to the support site shortly.

Custom Location Tags

With v3.0, we are replacing our predefined Location Types with the option to add and organize user-defined, custom Location Tags.

These have the same functionality as introduced in Metro Publisher v2.14 for Event Tags and offer an equally exciting range of flexibility.



The Directory add-on has been improved to allow more than one directory search in the form of Location Searches that show only listings.


  • Multiple "Listing-only" Searches, instead of a single Directory Search
  • More focused SEO around specific "Listing-only" Searches

In other words, Directory Categories are now Listing-only Location Searches. By assigning such a Location Search to our new Search Group functionality, you allow your readers to toggle between Location and Listing-only Searches of interest to them via a dropdown menu.


  • Behaves like a single search, but allows users to toggle between individual Search Pages
  • Better analytics: Location Pages can now be found in analytics reports

In addition, Vimeo videos are now supported on directory listings.


Location Searches

  • Adjusted small map zoom on list searches to match the large map more closely
  • Hid ‘All’ checkbox when there is only one Tag in the Category
  • Tag Categories on Location Searches now have an individual checkbox to limit the search to Locations that must have those Tags


Events / Event Searches

  • HTML tags stripped from XML to render text as-is on event exports
  • Rich-text snippets added for events on the event list search
  • Adjusted display of event times for events ending at midnight
  • Hid ‘All’ checkbox when there is only one tag in the category
  • Tag Categories on Event Searches now have an individual checkbox to limit the search to Events that must have those Tags

InDesign Event  XML Export

  • Preserving whitespace and observing line-breaks improved for InDesign
  • Date/Time export has more options, e.g. for rendering
  • Simplified group Tags, which is useful for multiple groupings



  • Added warning message stating a Tag already exists when a user tries to create a duplicate
  • Updated filter for event-specific Tags that are in Tag Categories being used on Event Searches
  • Internal headline field added for tag categories to better identify your Tag Categories


List Sprocket

New options:

  • Sort by Modified Date
  • Sort by Random
  • Allow "View More" button to appear at the end of the sprockets list



  • Title field limited to 500 characters for more homogeneous rendering
  • Replaced Created Date column with Published Date



  • Multiple buy links added to product/album/book reviews (URL Title + URL)
  • Customized display text added


Topic Pages

Events will no longer appear in order to keep outdated information off those pages. Topic Pages now show content (articles, reviews, blog posts) and images.



  • PDFs uploaded to the File Center and linked to from a piece of Content or from a Pages page now clear the cache faster.



  • Increased homepage rendering speeds


Facebook Changes

As of June 23rd, Facebook has deprecated its Activity Feed plugin, which is therefore being removed from Metro Publisher. There is no alternative plugin from Facebook at this time.

More information on deprecated Facebook plugins may be found here.



Option to feature extra author information added to bottom of content.

  1. Pull author tag info:
    • Shows both authors and editors of a piece of content
    • Thumb
    • Title
    • Description
    • And link to topic page
    • Multiple authors = stack the author info boxes
  2. Added config option to Admin > Settings > Content
    • [ √ ] Show Author info in content

Beat Features

Responsive Images

Responsive images have been added as a Beta Feature.

Responsive design is the philosophy where the design elegantly fills any screen size. The most challenging aspect of responsive design is responsive images, which is the delivery of appropriately sized images for every screen size and device context. This is not just the size of the image visually, but also the file size, which means to send the smallest image possible to a mobile device on a 3G network, and sending the largest available image to a desktop machine with retina display on a broadband connection.

This most recent feature provides this benefit to your users. It means improved performance for your website visitors, as well as bandwidth savings for you.



What's Next

While we will be upgrading all clients to v3.0, we have already started work on the subsequent release – v4.0. For that, we are planning a massive upgrade to the entry pages (Homepage and Sections) for your website. We've had a stream of ideas and comments via the Support Site, which enabled us to specify what we believe will be a much more flexible and robust system for managing the entry pages to your website. Read more...

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