Metro Publisher v2.12 Release Notes


Beginning in September 2014 the development team will be upgrading customers to the v2.12 Metro Publisher Release. Here are the changes you can expect.



NEW Features & Updates

  1. Media within Content
    As requested you can now add media inline with your content.

  2. Content tags are directed to DFP for customized ad targeting
    Customers who use DFP as their ad server may now use tags for customized targeting with DFP. This means that you can display specific ads by tags in your content.

  3. New location types
    Various new location types have been added at specific customer requests.

  4. Instagram added to social media chiclets
    You can now add Instagram to your social media links in the header.

  5. Email field added to location pages
    An email field has been added to the public location pages.

  6. And more...
    As always, this release includes several updates and improvements under the hood that increase site performance and search optimization.

Contactology will be closing down

Contactology has been acquired by j2 Global Cloud Services. For Metro Publisher customers using the automated newsletter production with Contactology, this means that you will possibly have to consider an alternate service and workflow for creating automated newsletters in the not-so-distant future.

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