Metro Publisher integrates with OpenDoor to allow you to create robust informational sprockets for your content. With the OpenDoor sprocket displayed within your content, your readers will be able to ask questions directly to relevant local experts. This system is easy to set up and will provide great value to your readers.

Connecting Your Metro Publisher Site to OpenDoor

To get started, you will need to create an account with OpenDoor and then connect it to your Metro Publisher website.

  1. Create an OpenDoor Account
    Go here to create an account with OpenDoor (Link:

  2. Get Your OpenDoor Application ID
    Once your account is set up with OpenDoor, you'll need to apply for an Application ID. OpenDoor screens applicants to promote quality content providers within the OPN ecosystem.

    Go here to apply for your Application ID 

  3. Add Your Application ID to Metro Publisher
    Once you have your OpenDoor Application ID, you must add it to Metro Publisher.

    Log in to your Metro Publisher work site as an “Admin” and go to Settings > 3rd Party > OpenDoor. Paste your ID into the field labeled "OpenDoor Application ID."

Creating OpenDoor Sprockets

Now that your site is connected to OpenDoor, the final step is to create and insert the sprockets into your content.

  1. Create OpenDoor Sprocket
    Switch to your role as an "Editor" and go to Sprockets > Add New.

    • Headline: Add sprocket headline
    • Region: Add a region from which to display experts. OpenDoor uses a natural language search to find the best match.

      Example: Austin, Texas or Southern California

    • Industry: Choose a relevant industry. This setting will filter out unrelated businesses and/or services. 

  2. Place Your Sprocket
    Like any other sprocket, place the OpenDoor sprocket within your homepage, sections, or subsections. The content of the sprocket will be populated dynamically.
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