Uploading and downloading a design


Uploading a Design

To get started in the Design Studio, its best to grab a Design Package and upload it. We will develop more designs from which to choose. The Design Package (zip) contains a set of images/graphics and 5 CSS files. Once you upload a Design Package, the Images and CSS will be filled and you will have a clear path to pursue.

Here are the steps to upload your Design Package:

  1. Have your Design Package zip on your desktop
  2. Go to Design Studio
  3. Click on Upload Design
  4. Click "Browse" and choose your Design Package zip
  5. Now, click "Upload Design"

Please keep in mind that you will uploading a design replaces all the images and CSS files currently in your Design Studio. You may want to save a local backup of your work before proceeding with uploading a new design.


Downloading a Design

To transfer your design from one Metro Publisher instance to another, use the Download Design feature in the Design Studio. You have the choice of downloading the Staging Version (the one that you see only through Preview) or the Live Version (the one that is public).

This feature generates a Design Package zip. The name contains the Live/Staging and date of download information to help you keep track. For example, the file with this name shows us that it was the Live Version downloaded on 28 August 2010 at 19:26.


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