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We would like to propose a new automated sprocket that displays entries from a particular author(s). When placed seen within an article or other piece of content, the sprocket would display the latest entries by the author(s) of the current piece of content. This sprocket requires that the content be tagged with an author tag. The estimated release for this feature will be v2.11.

Since sprockets are placed at the section level, this sprocket will have an additional behavior when it appears outside of a piece of content such as when it is seen on a section page or the homepage. In those situations, the sprocket will display the names of authors who have contributed content to that particular section.

These are the features it would include:

Admin Page



  1. Default is to show only from the current section/subsection into which the sprocket it is placed. The user would also have the option to show all content from throughout the site by this same Author.


Sprocket rendering when seen within a piece of content



  1.  Shows content tagged with current author. If no content can be found, then sprocket does not display.
  2. If current content is tagged with multiple authors, displays default icon and orders list by publish date.

Sprocket rendering on Section, Subsection, or Homepage



  1. Shows XX number of authors based on Sprocket setting. Ordered by Issue date of most recently contributed piece of content
  2. Author Link: Shows all authors tagged within this section or from the entire site based on the selection in the edit page for this sprocket. Links to topics page for each author.
  3. Title, Description, Link, and Thumb: Ordered by the date of the latest piece of content from each author.
  4. Default Icon: For authors or groups of authors when no image is available.
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    NOW IT

    This is great! Very useful and will work well for us.

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    Metro Publisher Support Squad

    Just a quick update here – this feature has been included in the v2.11 release which is currently being tested.

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