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NOTE: This document is our original Metro Publisher announcement and community discussion for planning Location Roundups. With help from our client feedback, we specified and released this new Content type with our Metro Publisher v2.11 release in June, 2014. Please visit the following document for the current version of Location Roundup features and settings: Location Roundups.


We are currently planning several enhancements to the existing content types in Metro Publisher. One of the new content types we are introducing, which we are calling a "Roundup," will be an ordered list of locations. This will be a great way to publish things such as "The 5 Best Burgers" or a route map for something like a "Pub Crawl" or a popular tourist route in your city. We will begin by introducing only a Location Roundup. We plan to to implement other types, like Event and Content Roundups, in the future. But for now, we'd like to focus discussion on the Location Roundup.

We appreciate your input and are working hard to make sure that Metro Publisher continues to improve. These new features came directly from feedback and requests from you – our users.

Please read the notes below carefully and let us know what you think. Leave comments freely! Your insights are vital to our efforts.

Thank You!

Metro Publisher Support Squad




1. Location Roundup

The Location Roundup is similar to any other piece of content, but one to which you can attach a series of locations.


Sample Album Review

  1. Navigation, Sprockets, and Ads: Like any normal piece of content, Roundups may be assigned to any section/subsection. Also, they will display the sprockets and ad slots of the section/subsection to which they assigned.
  2. Media Carousel: Like all content, the media carousel appears at the top of the page, if used.
  3. Location List: List navigation allows users to jump down page to individual locations.
  4. Content: Content field same as any other piece of content.
  5. Map: Interactive map displays popup widget with business information and link to location page.
  6. Location List: Locations appear as an ordered list.
    • Numbered Icon:  Jumps user back up to map and opens location pop-up widget on map.
    • Location Name: Links to location page/directory listing.
    • Business Info: Address, phone, and link to website.
    • Get Directions: Links directly to Google Maps direction finder.
    • Description: Displays location description (by default) or override it with a new description.
    • Reviews, Events, and Coupons: Displays as links if location page/directory listing has any of these three items.
    • Photo: Display location thumb (by default) or override it with a new photo.
    • Reserve a Table: Links to any URL or third party reservation service, such as Open Table.
  7. Tags, Related Links, and Comments: Same as any other piece of content.


2. Location Roundup – Route Version

An additional option will be to display the locations on a map in the form of a route one would follow from the first location to the last. This could be used to create a tour guide of interesting locations, for example.


Location Roundup with route displayed on map

  1. Route Map: Location markers display connected route information.
  2. Get Directions: Users will be able to click the "Get Directions" button to expose directions from each location to next location on the list. (See sample below)
    • User will have option to select driving, walking, or cycling directions.
    • On a mobile device, user's current location may be used.
    • Users will go to Google Maps to modify the specific route.

Route Version with Directions Displayed


Location Roundup with directions

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  • Avatar
    Mark Simpson

    I think this is a great idea especially as my site is all about a popular holiday destination - points/places of interest on local walks being one that immediately springs to mind. I can't wait till you introduce it. When?

  • Avatar
    Frank Sawyer

    As I publish a magazine related to home construction, we are needing to ad an interactive map system to tag/track/promote around 200 new home subdivisions. I'm currently looking to set up a custom google map. But, I like the idea of being able to form groups within the 200+ based on things like school zone, price range, development company or builder. I also like the format you're showing for each location. If visitors could browse the development details and create their own "crawl" to follow to drive to the various neighborhoods, THAT would be very strong.

  • Avatar
    Metro Publisher Support Squad

    @Mark Simpson: We are currently getting close to the release of v2.10 which will include some great features such as:

    • Updated UI for work site
    • Typekit custom fonts
    • Updated theme gallery
    • Drag & Drop to re-order sections
    • Social media widgets for Standard users
    • And more...

    These new content types are being built right now and will be included in the subsequent release (v2.11) in the second quarter.

  • Avatar
    NOW IT

    Excellent feature! We will definitely be using Roundups for Locations, and can't wait to see it for other Review types like Events, Books, Albums, Products.

    We are wondering how to make a distinction between using the numbered list as 1.) a way to RANK them, versus 2.) as an arbitrary designation meant for organization and identification -- not indicative of their rank.

    Perhaps you could add a "Ratings Version" specifically for a ranked list. We need to give some thought on what other presentation details might differ or be added.





  • Avatar
    NOW IT

    Further to our last comment --Roundup of Locations - Rating Version?  I suppose this would actually be a Roundup of Reviews of Locations, as opposed to the Locations themselves. That would make more sense.

  • Avatar
    Metro Publisher Support Squad

    @Rudi Garcia: Yes, that's exactly our plan. Roundups of reviews could be ordered by the ranking. A location roundup is simply a collection of the locations themselves.

  • Avatar
    Metro Publisher Support Squad

    @Frank Sawyer: Those are great suggestions. However, they add quite a lot of complexity to the v1.0 release of this content type. But, we'll keep your ideas in mind for features we may well add in the future.

  • Avatar
    Roanoker Magazine

    I agree, this is a really cool idea - look forward to seeing it added!

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