Metro Publisher v2.7 Release Notes


2.7-icon.pngStarting on November 19, 2012 and finishing on November 30, 2012, the development team will be gradually updating all clients with the v2.7 release of Metro Publisher. This release includes several large feature changes to improve the user experience for you and your staff as well as your readers. Many of the changes come directly from suggestions by clients like yourself.


  1. Updated Slideshow
    Improvements to the slideshow interface include gallery view and additional add slots. Find out more...
    • Tabs: Tabs allow toggle between gallery view and slideshow views
    • Gallery/Slideshow Views: Slide count at top of right rail shows number of slides and allows for link to toggle between tabs.
    • Related Content: Displays title of any content type to which this slideshow is connected.
    • Tags: Displays tags for slideshow
    • New Ad Slots: slideshow_leaderboard_top_728x90, slideshow_house_top_205x90
  2. Directory Add-on Improvements
    The directory add-on has been improved to be more interesting to your readers and advertisers alike.
    Find out more...

    New features include
    • Major improvements to SEO for directory search pages
    • One combined edit page for both locations and listings
    • Categories – Increased Granularity
    • Featured Listing Options
    • Directory Search Page – List and Map Views
    • Directory Listing Page – New Layout & Added Features
    • Directory Listing Sprockets
  3. Robust Redirect Tool
    A fully robust redirect tool to channel users from old URLs to new ones.
    Find out more...

  4. Customized 404 Page
    Create a custom message for your 404 (Page Not Found) page. Use this to channel users to important parts of your site when something they are looking for cannot be found.
    Find out more...

  5. Customized robots.txt File
    Create your own robots.txt file. In conjunction with Google Webmaster Tools, this will expand your ability to fine tune your SEO as you make changes to your website.
    Find out more...

  6. SEO Improvements
    General under the hood improvements.

  7. More Robust Previews
    All links within the previews, esp. for pagination, work now.

  8. Spell Check Improvements
    The spell check is performed by the browser now and works in-line. You should see little red zigzags underlining the misspelled words. If you "right click" on a PC or "control + click" on a mac, you can correct them. This is faster and more streamlined because the work is done locally in your browser rather than by a third party.

  9. General Improvements and Bug Fixes
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