Metro Publisher v2.6 Release Notes: July 2012


Starting on Monday July 30th, 2012 and finishing on Friday August 3rd, 2012, the development team will be gradually updating all clients with the 2.6 release of Metro Publisher. This release includes a host of goodies for everyone. See the details below.


  1. New Analytics Service: Quantcast is a FREE direct audience measurement for all website owners including traffic, demographics, business, lifestyle, interests and more. Find out more...

  2. Font Files: Pro users can now upload font files into design studio. Find out more...

  3. Writer Role: Writers can now add new locations (still requires approval from editor to publish).

  4. Events Overview Page: In the events overview, the calendar view has new filter functions that make browsing events much easier.


    Image above shows new filter options on the top nav bar in the events overview page

  5. User Submitted Event Form Simplified: The user submitted event form has been simplified to include only one field for event information. Previous to this release, there were two fields – description and more info – which confused users in the process of submitting their events to your calendar. To simplify this process, there is now one field called "event info" where your users can put in event description/information. The behavior from Metro Publisher then will be to save the first 250 characters of that text to the description field and the entirety of the event info text to the content field in the database. Within the work site, your editors will still be able to edit this as necessary. The resultant workflow should be much simpler for both your users and your editors.

  6. Editable Messaging: Under settings, there is a new page that allows you to customize the default text that exists in various places throughout your Metro Publisher site. Those editable areas include:
    • Instructions on user submitted event form
    • Event submit success message
    • Instructions for user comments
    • Comments submit success message
    • Contact form instructions
    • Title for featured stories on homepage and section/subsection pages

      Find out more...
  7. Files: When uploading a .zip file with photos from the same photographer, you can now specify the master credit at the time of the upload. This should make batch uploading faster and easier.

  8. New Location Types: Based on requests from community
    • Food & Drink Service > Tea Room
    • Professional & Technical Services > Architect
    • Food & Drink Service >  Restaurant > Cuisine > International

  9. New Event Category: Based on requests from community
    • Vacation/Holiday
  10. User Submitted Events: Users can now preview their event before submitting.

  11. More Link: Based on requests from community to make it more obvious for users to get to an article (as well as other content types) from homepage and section/subsection pages, we've add a "more" link after the description in featured stories.


  1. Section/Subsections: Use white space when featurettes are empty
  2. Geo XML Tag Fix: Error in webmaster tools because of GEO tag
  3. Events Admin: Return to calendar view after save of event when coming from calendar view
  4. Newsletters: Broken background tiles fixed
  5. Location Search on User Submitted Events: Create better feedback when searching existing locations on user submitted event forms
  6. General Fixes: Various fixes to improve performance


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