Metro Publisher v2.4 Release Notes: November 8th, 2011


2.4_icon.pngHello Everyone,

We are really excited to announce that on Tuesday, November 8th we will be installing the 2.4 release of Metro Publisher. This new release is all about saving time and eliminating some of the most repetitive tasks you Editors encounter while going about your daily work. As usual there is nothing for you to do. The upgrades will be installed automatically.

NOTE: With an update of this size, some of the CSS or Javascript may be cached. If you experience any odd issues while working in your Metro Publisher work site, try pressing "shift+reload" to make sure you've got the latest CSS and JS which tend to get cached during normal day-to-day use. 

Events Upgrade!

The biggest news of this release: we completely re-tooled events management. There are now several new features that make the events UI better for your readers and the workflow for Editors easier and faster.

What's new:

  1. Recurring Events - No longer do you have to create an event for every time an event occurs, Metro Publisher now supports repeating events. This is a huge change and will save lots of time!
  2. Event Imports - Save time by importing events from trusted sources. You now can also set a default location, event type and, even, a default thumbnail image.
  3. Event Subscriptions - Is getting this month's event calendar from a venue or organization like pulling teeth? Now you can subscribe to the event calendars from trusted sources.
  4. Add to My Calendar - Now your readers can effortlessly add an event to their personal Google, iCal,  or Yahoo calendars.
  5. User Submited Events -  User event submission forms have been improved so now users won't experience some of the annoying error messages like duplicate event URLs or duplicate locations.

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Toggle Between User Roles

Toggle from Admin to Editor in one click! For quite some time, users have had the ability to have multiple roles. Typically an Admin would assign themselves the additional role of an Editor so they could do all of the tasks that both users perform without having to log out just to log back in again. To streamline the UI, while still providing users complete access to the tools available, users with multiple roles can now toggle between roles.


With this release, all new tags input by Editors while editing an article (or any other content type) are, by default, added in the approved state. In the past, when adding new tags from any of the content types, Editors were required to go to the tag admin in order to approve those very same tags. Not anymore. A minor update, yes, but this feature eliminates a repetitive and unnecessary step.

New Text Editor

This release includes improvements to the WYSIWYG text editor for all content types. Improvements that come with the new text editor should save you a lot of time and we would love to get your feedback.

What’s new with the updated text editor:

  1. Copy and paste from InDesign generated HTML
  2. Copy and paste directly from Microsoft Word

As you know, Metro Publisher stores all your content as XML. We do this in order to ensure that your content will be ready for use in many current and future formats. Therefore, we have to ensure that no HTML "gunk" or similar hidden code is copied into your site’s storage system.

That has meant that when copying and pasting into Metro Publisher from other documents, we were stripping all character and paragraph styles such as italics, bold, lists and any link information. To keep those style elements, you then had to re-enter those styles in Metro Publisher.

With the 2.4 release we have changed that. Now you can simply copy and paste from InDesign, Microsoft Word and other HTML docs with the basic text styles intact.

If you use InDesign, you will need to create tags for your text styles. Follow these instructions to learn how to preserve your styling when copying and pasting content.

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New Location Categories

Per your requests, we've added some new location types.


> Artist-run
> Commercial
> Cooperative
> Public
> Artist Studios


> Police
> Fire
> Administrative Office
> Embassies/Consulates

Thank You!

Once again, these new features couldn't have happened without constructive criticism from the Metro Publisher community. Thanks to all of you for sharing your ideas, insights, and suggestions with us on a regular basis.

We couldn't do what we do without you.



Your Metro Publisher Support Squad

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