Metro Publisher v2.3 Release Notes: June 29th, 2011


Metro Publisher v2.3 Release

2.3_icon.pngIt's been less than a month since the 2.2 release, but today we installed a new 2.3 release for you.

This release includes improvements to the WYSIWYG text editor for all content types. This is a beta release and you have the option to continue using the current text editor. However, improvements that come with the new text editor should save you a lot of time and we would love to get your feedback. For the updated WYSIWYG editor, we appreciate you trying it out and reporting any issues that you discover.

New Text Editor

What’s new with the updated text editor:

  1. Copy and paste from InDesign generated HTML
  2. Copy and paste directly from Microsoft Word

As you know, Metro Publisher stores all your content as XML. We do this in order to ensure that your content will be ready for use in many current and future formats (it’s not just about the web anymore). Therefore, we have to ensure that no "html gunk" or similar hidden code is copied into your site’s advanced storage system.

That has meant that when copying and pasting into Metro Publisher from other documents, we were stripping all character and paragraph styles such as italics, bold, lists and any link formatting. To keep those style elements, you then had to re-enter those styles in Metro Publisher.

With today’s release we have changed that. And with this change, we think you can save hundreds of (wo)man hours per year.

If you use InDesign, you will need to create tags for your text styles. Follow these instructions to learn how to preserve your styling when copying and pasting content.

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Thank You!

This feature wouldn't have happened without constructive criticism from the Metro Publisher community. Thanks to all of you for sharing your ideas, insights and constructive suggestions with us on a regular basis.

We couldn't do what we do without you.



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