Metro Publisher v2.0 Release Notes: January 19th, 2010


Dear Metro Publisher Community,

Hello and Happy New Year! We are writing to let you know that Metro Publisher Release v2.0 will be installed on January 19th, 2011. As usual you are not required to do anything, but please read this email completely so that you will be aware of the enhancements you can expect to see with your Metro Publisher service. For all our clients this release will lay the ground work for major new features coming throughout 2011. 

Theme Gallery

theme.gifWith the release of v2.0 we've added a Theme Gallery to the Design Studio. Rather than the customized design process our current clients have enjoyed with the launch of their Web sites, this Theme Gallery allows new clients to select and apply a design theme without any outside assistance. Implementing these designs require no html or css knowledge.

NOTE: The Theme Gallery is designed to help new clients launch quickly. Existing clients should be careful with this new tool as it could overwrite the current custom design. If you are curious how you might use the Theme Gallery, please schedule a demo by submitting a ticket via the support site.

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The Design Studio now contains a new feature called Branding. With Branding, clients can more easily make changes and enhancements to the existing header and footer that displays globally throughout your Web site.

Some of the new things you'll be able to do:

  • Favicon: Change your favicon on your own.
  • Header Links: Add a link list to your header.
  • Logo: Change your logo whenever you want.
  • Social Media Links: Link to your pages on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter & YouTube
  • Footer Links: Add links to the footer with ease.

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3rd Parties

In preparation for expanded 3rd party integration, all 3rd party services have been put into a new tab within the Metro Publisher interface. You've already become familiar with the easy integration that Metro Publisher provides for such 3rd party services as Google Analytics, Facebook and more. Expect several interesting new integrations with 3rd parties throughout 2011 as well.

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In conjunction with the changes to 3rd party services, what was previously known as General Settings has been renamed Settings in the Metro Publisher interface.

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In Closing

Our goal with every release is to make Metro Publisher better. Thankfully, we have tremendous insight — from you. Your support questions, feedback and future ideas are what has informed this latest round of feature enhancements. Please continue being proactive on the Community and Support Site. It is the best forum to be heard.

Thank You,

Your Metro Publisher Support Squad

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