Metro Publisher v1.5 Release Notes : April 28th, 2010


NOTES FOR April 28, 2010 RELEASE


Dear Metro Publisher Clients,

We are happy to share with you some of the changes included in the upcoming release on April 28th, 2010.  By regularly refining and updating Metro Publisher™, we aim to enrich the experience for both you and your readers. Your opinions and feedback are taken into consideration and are direct influences on the changes we implement and present to you here.  

Important Changes:

The Cure For Your Reader's Eyes . . . Pagination

A 2,000 word article is long. It feels even longer when your reader does not have the pages to turn as they do with your print magazine.  So, we have created a system that sets a specific word count to your articles, and when they exceed this number readers will be able to click on a forward link in order to proceed. To find this new feature click on the 'General Settings' Section in the admin, and then under the subsection 'Site Settings / Meta Data' you will find the field at the bottom of this page. Simply type in the desired limit and your articles will be paginated automatically. This feature will keep your readers clicking through your site with the fresh feeling of turning a page.

Two New Sprockets = Two New Toys!

We have added two sprockets that will allow greater flexibility to highlight content throughout your site.

  1. Twitter Sprocket: This sprocket will enable you to stream tweets to your site--tweet away.
  2. Recent Comment Sprocket:  Your readers often make the most salient observations.  The Recent Comment Sprocket collects the most recent comments your readers have contributed from all over the site and posts them in this sprocket.

RSS Notifications for Events and Comments

Be notified!  Reviewing comments your readers make and then deciding which ones to publish or delete may not be your most important daily task. So, to keep you notified we have installed an RSS Feed for comments and events when unpublished content needs your approval.  You can also configure the RSS feed to alert you when readers make comments on a specific content types.  This feature is another way Metro Publisher™ attempts to make your work flow more efficient.

We hope this release will make your experience with Metro Publisher even more enjoyable.  We want to keep you and your readers excited about your work. We are currently working on a very powerful new feature which will enable your design staff to completely modify the look and feel of your site. Additionally, we are in the process of upgrading the events system to provide your readers with a more useful and intuitive search experience that is integrated more closely with maps and locations. Metro Publisher owes a tremendous thanks to you for asking questions and making comments on the support site.  We really appreciate your input and your continued support!


Thank You,

Your Metro Publisher Support Team

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