Metro Publisher v1.3 Release Notes : February 24th, 2010



Dear Metro Publisher Clients,

Here are the new features included in the upcoming release for Metro Publisher on February 24, 2010. You will not be required to do anything, the upgrade will be installed on your system automatically. As always, improvements are iterative and ongoing. This release includes numerous small improvements to the system with the intention of simplifying work flows for every day tasks and creating a better user experience with Metro Publisher.

Important Changes to Note:

Topics Pages

In addition to tag descriptions, topics pages now may include an image. This new feature should be useful for creating topics pages for authors, contributors and even auto-generated archive pages.


1. Creating and editing slideshows is now easier. Previously there were three separate pages for editing slideshow information, adding slides, and editing slides. Now those tasks have been consolidated into one page. This should reduce the time and complexity required to publish slideshows.

2. Headline Stories, Image Teaser Sprockets, and Featurettes (Third Boxes) can now link to slideshows. Previously, slideshows could only be linked by pasting in the URL. Now, slideshows can be found and selected via the content selector pop-up window.

Featurettes(Third Boxes)

Dragging and dropping links. If you have used featurettes in section pages, you may have noticed that the process of reordering links was a bit cumbersome. With this release, links can be re-ordered by simply dragging and dropping. This improvement will save editors time when adding links to featurettes on section and subsection pages.

Feature Image Thumbnails

A feature image thumbnail has been added to all articles, blog entries, events, and reviews. Until this release, thumbnail images would also appear in the body of an article by default. Now, if you want a thumbnail image to appear on the homepage, section or subsection pages when a particular article is featured, it is no longer necessary for that same image to also appear in the body of the article. This is meant to allow greater flexibilty for displaying images with your content.

Thank You,

Your Metro Publisher Support Team

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