Upgrading to Google's GPT Tags


Google has added new tags that provide additional features to your Google Ad Manager (formerly known as DfP) service. These new tags are referred to as Google Publisher Tags. For the specific details, please refer to the Google Ad Manager documentation for Google Publisher Tags in Google's GPT support.

Upgrading your Google Ad Manager account will provide benefits to your Metro Publisher site as well. Since v2.7 release of Metro publisher, slideshows no longer create a new page impression every time a user clicks on a new slide.

This is important for performance as well as for mobile optimization. With the release of v2.8 and GPT tags, your slide shows will create an ad impression for every slide viewed even though a new page impression is not created. Upgrading your account is simple and takes only a few minutes.

Google has already automatically issued all accounts the upgrade, so you just need to find and copy your network code as if you were setting up the connection with Metro Publisher for the first time.

Here's how:

1. Update Your Google Ad Manager Account with Google



  1. Go to Admin > Network Settings
  2. Copy your "Network Code."


2. Add Network Code to Your Ad Settings in Metro Publisher

  • Login to your Metro Publisher work site as an "Admin."
  • Go to "Settings" on the main navigation.
  • Then to "3rd Party" and find GAM
  • Paste in your Network code in the corresponding field
  • Click "Save"



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