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The Recent Comment Sprocket collects the most recent comments your readers have contributed from all over the site.

Sprocket Attributes

  1. Headline: This is a dynamic text headline that will appear at the top of the sprocket if no headline image is used. Example 01 above shows where the text header appears. If no headline image is used, then the text that you put into the 'Headline' field will appear in the sprocket as a text header.
  2. Headline Image: Inserting a Headline Image gives flexibility to visually differentiate the sprocket. The Headline Image, if one is used, replaces the dynamic text headline. The look and feel of the sprocket is determined by the CSS that is controlling the overall look and feel of the site, but you may also visually differentiate your sprockets by inserting a graphical header here. Example 02 above shows what happens if you used a Headline Image in place of the dynamic text headline. In this example, an image has been inserted that has a more graphically interesting headline as part of the image.

    NOTE: Keep in mind that the image must be cropped properly for the space this sprocket will be placed into. If you use a headline image, the width should be 300 pixels for the Right Rail and 225 pixels for the Left Rail on the Homepage. This feature is not available for Standard users.

  3. Show # of Comments: Choose to display 3, 4, or 5 of your readers most recent comments.
  4. Limit Comments to Section:  This field gives you the option to post most recent comments from all of your site, or you can post comments from a specific section or subsection in this alphabetized list.
  5. Title: This is the sprocket title that is displayed in the admin. Name your sprocket something that is obvious and descriptive. 
  6. Description: Descriptive text that appears only in the admin, but will not appear on your public site. You can use this field to write notes about the sprocket.
  7. Usage: This field will indicate where the sprocket is placed within your public site.
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