Metro Publisher v2.11 Release Notes


Beginning in June 2014, the development team will be gradually updating all clients with the v2.11 release of Metro Publisher. This release includes several large feature changes to improve the user experience for you and your staff as well as your readers. Many of the changes come directly from suggestions by clients like yourself. Please read these release notes so you will know what to expect.


NEW Features & Updates

  1. Music, Book, and Product Reviews
    Review types have been expanded to include Music, Books, and Products. Link directly to Amazon and/or iTunes for purchases and earn a commission.

  2. Location Roundups
    One of the new content types we are introducing, which we are calling a "Roundup," is an ordered list of locations. This will be a great way to publish things such as "The 5 Best Burgers" or a route map for something like a "Pub Crawl" or a popular tourist route in your city. Roundups include a content area, ordered list of locations, map, and direction finder.

  3. Comments on Location and Listing Pages
    Users can now comment on Locations and Directory Listings. This new feature can be turned on within general settings

  4. Reviews Added to List Sprocket
    The List Sprocket now can show Reviews ordered by rating or issue date.

  5. Authored by Sprocket
    There is a new sprocket that automatically displays other content by the same other.

  6. Teaser Images in RSS feeds
    Public RSS feeds for content now include the teaser image for each piece of content. This new feature works great for newsletter automation or any other third party service that utilizes Metro Publisher's RSS feeds.

  7. Locations – "Closed"
    Locations can now be given the status of "no longer in business." This allows your reviews to be found while indicating to your readers that the business is now closed.

  8. And more...
    As always, there are a host of "under the hood" improvements.

NEW BETA Features

Here are some exciting new integrations for you to try. These new beta integrations are available to all clients.

  1. Roost BETA
    Engage your site visitors with web push notifications by Roost. Currently supporting Safari desktop push. Chrome and Firefox coming soon. Find out more

  2. Google's Field Trip BETA
    Field Trip is a mobile device app that shares interesting information about places that are near the user's current location. By activating the Field Trip optimized feed here, you can submit your location related content so that you may be discovered by Field Trip users. Find out more

  3. Amazon Associate Links BETA
    When you link to Amazon from your product, music, and book reviews, your ID will be stored by Amazon. If your user makes a qualifying purchase within a certain period of time, you’ll be able to collect an advertising fee. Find out more

  4. iTunes Affiliate Links BETA
    When you link to iTunes from your product, music, and book reviews your ID will be included. With that, you can earn commission on all qualifying revenue generated by affiliate links. Find out more
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