Upgrading to Broadstreet v2.0 – Beta (deprecated)


In September 2017, Metro Publisher released an important update to our integration with Broadstreet.

For new clients this feature is on by default. For existing clients, this option will upgrade your site to v2.0 of Metro Publisher's Broadstreet integration. The new integration allows for more flexible ad zone management, as well as new features such as Broadstreet ad sprockets and key value targeting. 

In order to update to the new version, you will have to opt-in within your Metro Publisher work site. Then, you will need to:

  • Update your orders and ad zones within Broadstreet.
  • Add new ad sprockets throughout your Metro Publisher website (as needed).

NOTE: The new Broadstreet integration is optimized to work with Metro Publisher's v4.0 section editor. In order to utilize the new features available with the v2.0 Broadstreet upgrade, we highly suggest you also update your sections. Find out more...  


Upgrading your Metro Publisher website


To turn on the new version:

  1. First log in to your Metro Publisher work site as an Admin.
  2. Then, go to Settings > Beta Features
  3. Check the option to "Use the new Broadstreet integration"

Now that you have opted in to the Broadstreet (v2.0), you will need to update your campaigns within Broadstreet and add new sprockets throughout your Metro Publisher website. Find out more...


Find out more:

For any questions about setting up your ads, please refer to Broadstreet's help documentation

NOTE: Since ad servers are third-party services we have no influence over, Broadstreet troubleshooting is outside of the scope of our standard support service. You are welcome to submit Broadstreet questions, but many will require specialized support and will therefore require a Metro Publisher Custom Services contract. More information here: Custom Support Services.

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