Understanding Metro Publisher v3.0 and v4.0


Our most recent release, Metro Publisher Version 4.0 is an optional upgrade from the previous version. For new clients Metro Publisher Version 3.0 will eventually not be offered anymore, although we will continue our support for that version for current clients indefinitely.

Should you be new to Metro Publisher, please start your introduction to our CMS in the 'Getting Started' area of this support site before reading any other documents: GET STARTED WITH METRO PUBLISHER.

Note that you can try out v4.0 on any Section or test Section of your site, since you can upgrade on a per-Section basis, meaning that some Sections could be on the v3.0 design, while others are using the v4.0 layout options.

It is essential that you review the documentation for the two releases to understand the differences, so we have compiled a quick-start guide to the various support articles here. Please be sure to read them!

The main difference between the versions is that with the v4.0 layouts, all pages including the Homepage are considered 'Sections', which are managed via the Layout Section Editor and then populated with 'Sprockets'. In v3.0 the Homepage and Sections have some different features, which you can read about here: Homepage & Section v3.0.

Some Sprockets, which have been designated 'Layout Sprockets', are designed for v4.0 only, and some previously existing Sprockets are only available on v3.0.

On Layout Sprockets you can set more filters to automate the content displayed than before, or you can manually select specific content to show.

The following Sprockets currently available for the v4.0 Layout Sections are:

  • Ad Sprocket
  • Layout List Sprocket
  • Carousel Sprocket
  • Gallery Sprocket
  • Posterboard Sprocket
  • Slider Sprocket
  • Events Calendar Sprocket
  • HTML Sprocket (v3.0 and v4.0)
  • Image Teaser Sprocket (v3.0 and v4.0)
  • Most Commented Sprocket (v3.0 and v4.0)
  • Recent Comments Sprocket (v3.0 and v4.0)


A description of all the display options with these Sprockets is located here: Display Options for v4.0 Layout Sprockets.

On both release versions, you also have the option to offer your readers our Location Searches, Business Directory Searches and/or Event Searches in addition to various Content types such as articles, roundups, and reviews.

NOTE: Individual documentation of ongoing changes to the CMS that affect your workflow can be found here: Releases, Developments, and Deprecated Features. Please stay up-to-date on these changes!

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