New Event Tag Category Settings (January 17, 2017)


NOTE: Please visit our separate support documents on the Events and Tag Category features for more information on those topics.

We have recently added new Event Tag Category settings that allow you to specify Event Tag Categories in Admin > Tags > Settings like you can already do for Locations.

Setting Tags to be in Categories specific to Events (as for Locations) allows the system to distinguish them from general Content Tags or Location Tags. 

These Event Tag Categories can then be arranged into a preferred order, which will determine their position on their respective Event info page and will also set them to appear on the User-submitted Events Form.


Tag Display on Event Pages

In order words, Event-specific Tags are split into Tag Categories which are displayed in a preset order at the top of the respective Event page (if the Event has been tagged with a Tag from an Event Category).

Tags not in a Category, and Tags within a Category that has not been specified as a Location or Event Tag on the Tag Settings page in the Admin, appear at the bottom of the respective Location / Event page that the particular Tag was added to.

For Tags assigned to two different Categories the Tag will only be listed under the Category that is displayed first.

NOTE:On Event Searches the Tag Categories assigned to those Searches are displayed in the order they are listed in on the Event Search edit page in Admin (and NOT the order of the Tag Settings page shown above).

Category Display on the User-submitted Events Form

Event Tag Categories set in the Tag Settings edit page are also used on the User-submitted Events Form. Since they are recognized by the system as Event-specific, they are displayed in and Event Category dropdown menu on the form so that users can assign their Events to one of them.

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